Our company develops visual communication products since 1925. Created and started
by the grandfather of the present owner working within the era of
artistic and commercial black and white photography.
Now days, through the transition to digital technology, we have expanded our applications 
and services always maintaining photographic quality in our products.  
We primarily focus in: 

-    Supporting museums either at periodic or permanent exhibitions
-    Decorating exhibition booths with digital printings
-    Supporting commercial campaigns through visual communication products
      (posters, banners, backlit, flags etc.)  
-    Creating all kind of commercial and signal stands and signs (indoor and outdoor)
-    Covering vehicles using special printable materials
      (UV protected and reliable in bad weather conditions)

By following new technologies we produce new special products such as:

-    NFC smart posters (near field communication)
      transforming a simple poster to an interactive one with the help of your smartphone.
-    Outdoor unbreakable signs, durable to extreme weather conditions with extra UV protection.

Using a very new Printable Vynil (heat expanded) we are able to cover almost any abstract surface
such as rocks, brick walls, round surfaces etc.
Our company is located in owned facilities since 1992. Having fully integrated digital technology 
we are able to support you in all kinds of advertising through visual communication.